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Synchronized Breaks and Ante Cash Games to be launched soon!

Synchronized Breaks

We are excited to report that shortly, following the upgrade to poker 12.4, we’ll be offering Synchronized’s about time we hear you cry! Note we are calling them Synchronized rather than Synchronised as that’s what iPoker are calling them.

There will be three options for the set up of a tournament:
1. Individual breaks (as now, not synchronized)
2. Synchronized breaks (see below)
3. Add On Breaks

1. Individual Breaks – just like now, each break is set within the tournament, based on ‘time from start time’. As we now this means if playing tournaments that started on the hour, quarter past the hour and half past the hour, you never get a break!

2. Synchronized Breaks – centrally controlled breaks, all tournaments with the Synchronized breaks setting will break at the same time, even if that means break time as at start time (it will just take longer to start the tournament, the countdown will be longer). We believe they will be set to coincide with the sync breaks on Pokerstars and PartyPoker, but that is yet to be confirmed.

3. Add On Breaks – we can now configure the amount of time the add on break lasts for, and if it overlaps with a normal break, the add on period will be naturally extended until the end of the break.

When hands are in progress the break starts when the last hand is dealt, be that the hand in your tournament or an hand in another synchronized tournament.

We welcome this development and as soon as we get confirmation of when it launches and whether it will be synchronized with Stars and Party, we’ll let our players know.

Ante Cash Games

Following the launch of Poker 12.4 we’ll be able to offer Ante cash games in the following games (in addition to Stud and Razz as currently)

No Limit Hold Em
Pot Limit Hold Em
Limit Hold Em
No Limit Omaha
Pot Limit Omaha
Limit Omaha
No Limit Hi-Lo
Pot Limit Hi-Lo
Limit Hi-Lo

An “A” icon will be added to the lobby icons, which will visually identify which cash games have Antes, and the Welcome to the Table message will tell you Blinds and Antes will be posted automatically.

As the message says, Antes will be posted automatically, you won’t have the option of posting them manually.

Marketing Inbox

And finally...Poker 12.4 will also introduce a “Marketing Inbox” (hopefully they’ll come up with a better name by launch time), where important messages will be stored, a little like an email inbox fo you to keep messages. The message will include Tournament Wins, Jackpot Wins, Bonus received, VIP changes, and Tokens received.

We like the idea of this as many players opt out of marketing communications, and then miss out on important messages and promotions!

It’s all great news, and we’ll keep players posted as to when it will happen

Thu, 23rd August 2012

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