The Hard Life Continues


Come rain, wind or shine, come losing, winning or breaking even, the thing I love most about poker is not hating any day. When I used to work, Sunday evenings were just horrid as you anticipated the 5 days ahead. The commute on monday mornings is so tortuous it pales in insignificance compared with every time you get backdoored (this isn’t innuendo for Amatay’s bedroom activities with the ladyboys). The freedom of poker is awesome. It’s what allows Karl to play golf all day, allows Mr Jackson to make his titties bleed as he constantly counts money and rubs it on them and allows Amatay to peruse every adult website on the internet whilst grinding MTTs. If that big nit’s knowledge of playing 30bb stacks and ICM was half as good as it is on pay per view x rated websites I’m sure he’d be the worlds number 1 ranked MTT player, giving him another trophy to put alongside his world’s biggest nit cup.

I somehow had a good month in October, making just over $10k in total profit. It doesn’t feel like a good month because that figure should be a significant amount more if I’d curbed those bad sessions and focused a bit more in them. Still happy with the month and will try to better it in November.

Today was pretty toasty. We got up and drove to a Dim Sum place in a non touristy area that our landlord showed us when we first arrived. I think we ordered around about 30 dishes in total give or take a few. The bill came to a grand total of a tenner.

We then hit the gym followed by the beach. When I’d finished drinking the contents of my coconut (once again this isn’t innuendo for Amatay’s ladyboy activities) I went for a massage. For 8 English pounds you get an hour full body massage on the beachfront. I lay on my front and the first thing that happened was my shorts got pulled down over my bum. I was a bit taken aback by this as I wasn’t expecting it. It was pretty embarrassing as people regularly walk past but I just buried my head in the pillow and let her ‘crack’ on. I did know however, that Nitatay, who’d been without any ladyboys for almost the entire morning would come over. I don’t know what excited him more, the fact he could take a pic of my arse or whether he thought getting slipped a digit may be part of the massage process and he wanted to see if he could sign up. The evening finished with a typical meal at a restaurant, few laps of the pool and then bed. Toasty.

Should just add a quick welcome to team Encore as James ‘LJamesL’ Williams joins the ranks. The first time I met him we carved up Nottingham’s 300f. He’s also one of the prettiest men I’ve ever seen, he could fill up all the months in an Encore 2012 Calendar.

gl at the tables,


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